Hi there!

My name is Kai, thanks for stopping by and welcome to my world!

Me, short version

I am, in no particular order, a tech guy, photographer, runner, married. Besides that, I am also generally interested in marketing, creativity, devops, productivity, and life. I try to be a better leader every day. My pronouns are he/him/his.

The longer version

In case you want to know more, find here more about me.

What I am doing

I love what I am doing, so I am more than happy to spent a huge part of my time either doing stuff or getting better at it. I put more details about that on my now page. I am also doing stuff that I don´t put on a website, mainly because it´s unrelated to any of the topics here.

How to get in contact

Send me an email to hello@kaiwinter.org. I will answer every email that is not sent to me to sell something.

Pictures of me (for reference)

Recent blog posts

  • Stop call it a project

    The term “project” is commonly used in the business world and has become a buzzword in recent years. However, the word “project” has lost its meaning and significance due to its overuse. It is now used for anything and everything that involves a team working together to achieve a goal. This overuse of the term…

The rest

Thanks for all the fish and stopping by!

Send me an email: hello@kaiwinter.org