Some facts

1980 born in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

1994 started my first career as newspaper delivery boy

1995 founded my first company for webdesign (too early, nobody had email or understood my product)

2000 graduated from school

2001 finished military service and moved to Freiberg, Saxony, Germany

in between: worked in event engineering, ran a bar and read a lot

2008 received my CS diploma, joined SolarWorld

2013 changed my job twice, stayed with Freiberger Compound Materials

2016 became freelancing consultant to semiconductor companies

2019 joined Siltronic as project manager

2021 got delegated to Portland, Oregon, as Director of IT

today still here and enjoying the ride!


I am one of the most privileged humans on this planet. I am a white, straight, male human, born in a western country. I have loving and supportive parents and the luck to have both of them around. The only negative experiences based on prejudices I had to deal with were more or less based on beliefs I chose, not on skin color, gender, nationality or whatsoever.

I try to be a good human with as little as possible preconception, but I am also result of a culture that is built on bad human traits.

Nevertheless, I think we should have an open and constructive dialogue with everybody who is willing to do the same, especially with somebody who has a different perspective and standpoint.

Some of my beliefs

  • Science is real
  • every human has the right to live freely and without constraints
  • Kindness wins
  • Human thinking is highly biased
  • There is no god
  • Climate change is real
  • Humanity will extinct due to our inability to do the right thing