I am in the very lucky position to have a way to earn the money I need with a job that is interesting and gives me the chance to learn, improve and meet interesting people. It also gives me enough space to create more interesting stuff outside of my day job.

The following list is ordered alphabetically.

Day job: Director of Information Technology for Siltronic Corp.

I joined Siltronic Germany in 2019. I have spent my whole professional life in the wider semiconductor industry, mostly in IT. My first job at Siltronic was a project that replaced a legacy interface with a modern, bus-based solution. The design was challenging as it had to work in a number of very different use cases and the subsequent rollout encompassed hundreds of instances in the global organization.

The next and current assignment led me and my wife to beautiful Portland, Oregon. It’s my first job in tech leadership. I am grateful to be the leader of amazing individuals, forming an amazing team that runs our whole IT here in Oregon. Being the head of a department is very different from being an individual contributor, but I am very lucky to have a great boss, supportive peers and wonderful people to work with.

Entrepreneurship: five0me

After starting my first business at the age of 14, I had either a side hustle or was self employed ever since. My brain seems to be wired in a way that puts out more ideas than I can put to reality, but I definitely enjoy the process!

My current project is five0me. We are building a technology that allows everybody to manage their contact information by themselves and have it automatically synced to all their contacts. We are at a very early stage, but I am really excited about my team and the potential of this idea. I will post more updates on my blog.

Photography: Run by stories

I am interested in two major domains of photography, personal portraits and travel photography. I admire the work of a few contemporary portrait photographer like Platon, Mark Mann, Peter Lindbergh and several others. Making images while traveling to places is another passion. You can find more about my photography on this separate website and on Instagram.