Less thinking might be helpful, at times.

Habits can be very powerful. The wrong habit can cause a lot of harm. But a good habit can help us do the right thing without even thinking about it. Doing something every morning, right after getting up, can help a lot to compound something to be happy about the rest of the day.

One could choose to do workouts in the morning, as there might be many excuses later the day. The habit of doing it every day, the same way, is what saves us. No need to think about it, it’s quite the opposite. If one think, there might be great reasons to not do it. Just stick to a habit, and it’s done and it’s going to be a great day.

When doing the right thing is still wrong

It is easy and tempting to do something, be active. Especially when you we can do something that is obviously right. But it can be still wrong, sometimes even terribly wrong. Putting water on a fire seems to be the right solution, but if it is burning fat, then it becomes very evident.

Whatever we do, first we need to understand why we need to act. Then find the right course of action. Verify the problem before you build the product. First principle thinking.


Enjoy the beginning

Doing something for the first time can be both, intimidating and exciting. If you feel intimidated, you miss out the best part of the very thing you do. In running, there will be never again such fast improvements and the joy of finishing the first run might be the sweetest for a very long time.

Let’s be excited and enjoy the first mistakes, the lucky moments and the journey that just began!